QuoteTracker. Real-Time Intraday Charts, Quotes, Alerts, News Monitoring and Portfolio Management.
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We consider screen "real estate" to be a precious commodity and designed the program to use screen space as efficiently as possible. The examples used below are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation for any particular security or strategy.
Main Screen with Intraday Charts

You activate intraday charts for a stock by double-clicking on the stock's row in the table. Other options for the stock are accessed by right-clicking on the row and picking an option from the popup menu. The intraday stock charts are updated together with your portfolio view. You can open as many charts simultaneously as you want. The only limitation is your computer memory.
Quotes and Integrated Trading.
Main Screen with Integrated Trading

You do not need to open a browser to place trades. Everything can be done from inside QuoteTracker. Just double click on the BID, ASK or LAST fields for a stock and QT will fill the needed info into the trade panel. Enter the password and click submit. Done! Daily activity is automatically updated. (Can set the password to only be entered once per session)
The trading and transaction panels can be set to show in separate floating windows. You can configure QT to handle multiple accounts from the same broker or from different brokers.
Portfolio Editing

You can have as many portfolios and stocks within the portfolios as you want. For stocks for which you enter the Base Price or # Shares information, the program will track the total value and changes in value of the portfolio.
Quote Sources

There are probably hundreds of sites offering stock quotes on the World Wide Web. We configured QuoteTracker to connect to many of them. This configuration screen allows you to select which site to use quotes and to specify individual site access parameters if needed. In addition, if you're accessing Internet through a proxy server, this is where you enter the proxy's parameters.
When we update configurations or setup new ones, we will make them available through QuoteTracker WebUpdate feature. You can update get all updates by clicking on the "WebUpdate" button or selecting OPTIONS/WebUpdate menu on the main screen.

QuoteTracker has extensive alert options. You can have multiple alerts per symbol and as many alerts as you want.
View Editing

You can configure multiple views of the data, selecting different columns and column attributes for each one. NOTE: not all sites provide information for all columns.
Charts Preferences

You have the ability to do extensive customization of the intraday charts.
Miscellaneous Preferences

Many general settings throughout QuoteTracker can be configured on this screen.
Historical Charts

QuoteTracker has dynamic historical charts with same capabilities as the Intraday charts. The charts allow you to select and customize various indicators, draw trend lines, Fibonacci Retracements and Fibonacci Fans and resize and zoom, etc.