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MB TRADING - QuoteTracker related help

You must have QuoteTracker version 3.9.7 or higher to be able to use MB Trading with QuoteTracker. If you have an older version of QuoteTracker, start QuoteTracker then select OPTIONS/WebUpdate  and let QuoteTracker update all files. When QT restart, let it WebUpdate again (you should be prompted)
You can also download the latest version from our Download page.
Also, you cannot have QuoteTracker and MB Navigator running at the same time if they are logged in with the same account.
You can now use QuoteTracker to access MB Trading Level I and Level II quotes. The proccess is slightly different than with other brokers, so please follow the instructions below:
download the latest version of QuoteTracker and install it. That is all you need.
Make sure you have the latest version of MBT Navigator. You can download it from the this direct link and install it on your computer.
Start QuoteTracker and select MB Trading as the quote source from the SITE dropdown list on top/right of the main QuoteTracker window. If needed, click START button to initiate the streaming quotes. For Level II quotes, go to OPTIONS/Data Sources menu, click on Level II tab, select MB Trading as the source and click on the "Reset all LII windows to this source" button. Now whenever you bring up a Level II window in QuoteTracker, MB Trading will be automatically selected as the data source.

For stocks, just enter the symbol without any special prefix or suffix.

For options, enter the symbol same as in MB Navigator in +ROOT-YYMMDD?STRIKE format where ? is C or P. For example, +DLY-100220C16.00

For futures, enter the symbol in /SYMBOL format. For example, /ESZ3 and /NQZ3

For currencies (FOREX), enter the symbol in ABC/XYZ format. For example, EUR/USD