QuoteTracker. Real-Time Intraday Charts, Quotes, Alerts, News Monitoring and Portfolio Management.
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Free QuoteTracker
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Supports your datafeeds:
 Streaming Real-Time quotes
 Live real-time intraday charts
 Dynamic Historical charts
 Streaming Level II Quotes
 Over 120 Technical Indicators
 Integrated Trading
 Intraday & Historical Chart Trend Lines
 Advanced Alert System with Email alerts
 NEWS Monitoring
 Multiple portfolios support
 Customizable portfolio views
 Scrolling Ticker Tape
 Portfolio Printing
 Ability to connect to many data feeds
QuoteTracker is a Windows program that integrates with various datafeeds, brokers and financial sites to provide you with streaming real-time quotes, Live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, Level II quotes, Time and Sales, alerts, news monitoring, and everything else you may need to trade in today's market.
It also ties into major brokers to give you full Integrated trading from within the software. You can trade through your own broker using QuoteTracker interface. Order Entry and transaction monitoring is fast and streamlined.
QuoteTracker can be used to track most types of securities - Stocks, Options, Indices, Futures, FOREX/Currencies, Bonds, etc
NOTE 1: Ways to get QuoteTracker for Free:
  • The free QuoteTracker has ads, is limited to 2 days on intraday charts (instead of 10) and 6 months on historical charts.
  • Open and fund a TD AMERITRADE account
    QuoteTracker DOES NOT have ANY Spyware components. QuoteTracker install does not install anything other than the program itself. Nothing runs in the background with or without QuoteTracker running except in some cases datafeed modules that you would have to explicitly install (not auto-installed by us). There are no convoluted un-install procedures. Everything is installed in the QuoteTracker folder and nowhere else.
    QuoteTracker DOES NOT send any user specific info to advertisers. Please read our Privacy Policy for full disclosure.
    QuoteTracker DOES NOT serve popup ads to you at ANY time. We hate those things ourselves, so we are not going to inundate our clients with them either.
    We encourage you to run Spyware detection software to make sure that your computer is clean.

    Effective September 4, 2012, integrated trading in QuoteTracker will only be available for TD Ameritrade accounts.

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